Some of my clients

Università di Torino - Centro di Competenza per l'Innovazione in Campo Agro-ambientale Agroinnova
Publishing the magazine ‘Protezione delle colture’ (Crop Protection)

Floraculture International -
Articles, translations.

Clamer informa -
Articles on International events

MonkeyBar Management -
Assistance in the organisation of the 2016 tour of Eagl program in Italy.
Translation during the visits in the Italian nurseries.

Aptus Holland -
Translation of catalogs, brochures, fliers and site

Poulsen Roser A/S -
Translation of new catalogs for clematis and roses.

Villino Volterra
Contribution to the App for iOS and Android with interactive mapping of the garden, a real step forward compared to other apps currently available.

Hortcom -(
Translations, searches on the Internet.