What I can do for you

Articles - Press Releases - Interviews - Books
A very long experience at your service: over 20 years writing in Flortecnica and other magazines, inside and outside of the flower and plant industry. You can consult the list of my books, printed by prominent publishers in Italy, like De Agostini and Devecchi/Giunti, in the ’Work samples‘ section.

I have a huge archive and a first-class equipment for photographic services for your businesses.

My English, especially on a technical level, is really very good, but I can also translate French, German and other languages, also through my network of contacts with colleagues.

Graphics - layouts - small websites
The long experience with the magazine Flortecnica and the invaluable help of my graphic, Elena Cattaneo, allow me to create catalogs, brochures, ads and small websites, such as the one you are visiting. For more complex web projects, I can have the support of valuable external developers.

Consulting / Support
Import / export - direct experience.
International fairs and events: participation and/or press coverage.
Companies: visits to companies and/or press coverage in Italy and abroad.
Events: small event Organisation experience including press coverage.

I guided tours of Italian growers abroad and of foreign growers in Italy.

Searches on the Internet